3D horses designed in Blender 3D by Ctool

Caballos 3D blender

Starting this year 2022 with new models, as well as the remake of some models with several improvements, first I want to thank all the community that has supported me in acquiring models, because thanks to these resources I have been able to acquire different means to continue growing.

Group of horses

I am known as a humanoid character designer, but this time I wanted to design something new, yes animals and here is the result of my effort, I hope you like it.

These models were designed in Blender 3D version 2.9 and contains low polygons more or less about 1,558 triangles, it is optimized for use in video game development.

Support me by buying it on Sketchfab, I will soon share some free models.

You can get it at sketchfab Link: https://skfb.ly/o8vVn


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