Player Music Max music player for Android 2022

Reproductor de musica para android

Player Music Max is the best music player that supports a large number of music formats, its minimalistic design gives you more control of your music, playlist, favorites, etc. ▷ Downloads on Google Store

Available features. ✔️ Supports mp3 and various formats available updated 2022. ✔️ Playlist ✔️ Album list ✔️ Background playback even if the phone is with the screen off. ✔️ Favorites list. ✔️ Picture viewer of songs according to their album (only if the song has it). ✔️ Simple and uncomplicated interface. ✔️ Advertising does not invade or full screen, we know that abusing advertising is annoying, that's why you will only see a banner at the bottom.


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