Terms of use

 Digital content sales

All our digital applications are free, but they use advertising as a means of income for future projects.

The sales of 3D models are found exclusively in Sketchfab and being a digital product, no refunds are offered, there is a viewer in Sketchfab so you can see them before buying, additionally all 3D models of Ctool require prior knowledge, it is not recommended for people who are just learning to design.

Read the terms and conditions of Sketchfab https://sketchfab.com/terms

Licensed images

Keep in mind that our website uses several third-party premium resources, in which we have a license to do so, do not copy and paste or use these images if you do not have the license, you may have a problem with this type of company.Translation


Our main language is Spanish, but most of our clients and people who follow us speak English, therefore translators have been used for better interaction.

Free apps

Most of our applications that are available on android, may contain advertisements, in which they collect data from users who use the application, which are used for marketing strategy, by us, we will not use or collect any data from our users. There are also no in-app purchases or malicious elements.

Non-invasive advertising in android applications

All our applications only use banners at the top or back of the application, we will not use full screen banners or ads that bother the navigation of the application, our goal is to be as intrusive as possible


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